Hi, I’m Barb Boswell, the reluctant author! I went kicking and screaming to the computer when God said, “WRITE!” The result are “Every Time I Turn Around, I Bump into God!” followed by “Every Time I Turn Around, I Catch a Glimpse of God!” These short stories are based on observations in the “dailyness” of… [Continue Reading]


Hi!  I’m Paula, the author of My Heart Beats For You, a nonfiction book written as a love letter from God.  I have also written a children’s picture book, Poodles at Play.      I am a Christian wife, mother and author who strives to let my light shine for Jesus.  Born in North Dakota and… [Continue Reading]

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  Hi, I’m Joy. Welcome to my page. I’m a grace-dweller and storyteller who weaves words out of the fabric of my days. My desire is to seek the poetic in the prosaic and look for the eternal in the temporal. As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, who is also recovering from a painful… [Continue Reading]

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Kathy Jane Snow Canadian author of Pebbles and Blessings. she is passionate when reflecting the mirror image of one’s life experiences, and is fervent in excavating the poetry out of the simplicity of nature. Born and raised in northern Ontario ~ as a child had the positive advantage to take in the breath taking wilderness; fortunate to… [Continue Reading]


  Hi! I’m Lucinda, the author of the devotional, “Coffee with Jesus.” This book is made up of poems that I’ve written over the past few years, combined with scripture from the Bible. I started writing when I was twelve. I am now married and have one daughter. A few of my favorite things are… [Continue Reading]

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Welcome to part of my writing world. I’m so glad you stopped by!   My writing dream started before I could read. I loved the way the words my mom read to me sounded, and especially the way they looked on the pages of my books. If there were words, I wanted to be with… [Continue Reading]

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Words of Worship ~ Trust Him by Joy Lenton

                        Trust Him when storms rage fierce about Trust Him as you cry, whimper or shout Trust Him in the dust, the mud and the mire Trust Him as waves lap higher and higher   Trust Him in the dark when no brightness is […]

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Shining Our Light for Jesus by Paula McGrew

Shining Our Light for Jesus by Paula Lynn McGrew   Do you ever have one of those days when something you do doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected?  Yeah, I have those kinds of days too.  In fact, that happened to me recently.  Here’s the story. I made the mistake of turning on the evening […]

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