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This book is a must read for all women. Although it is a fictional story the author has brilliantly captured the many issues women struggle with and offers hope that can only be found in Jesus. I’ve ministered to broken-hearted women for over twenty years and I’m thankful for resources like Rain Danc that wil reach women who are hurting and give them hope.

Sue Liljenberg, International Director, Healing Hearts Ministries International

When I started writing Rain Dance, I had a major concern: not hurting the women, who like my character Stacie, had chosen abortion. I also had no idea where to send women who regretted their choice.

Then, a phone call came and a woman I’d never met shared her story with me. (Thank you, J. B.!) She offered me her friendship, and a resource for my Stacies. (I have a little mama bear in me when it comes to these beautiful women.)

Sue Liljenberg started Healing Hearts at the prompting of God. In obedience, an international ministry to women was born at her kitchen table.

If you visit the website, www.healinghearts.org you can listen to a radio interview Sue and I did a few months ago. She tells you how this ministry came to be far better than I can.

I’ve heard from dozens of women who tell me they don’t regret their abortions, don’t believe in Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, and have asked me not to talk about it. They admit they are angry, and afraid I will make it harder for the pro-choice side of abortion.

The hundreds of women I’ve heard from who have walked through P. A. S. S. disagree.

he numbers alone demand my attention. The women who have told me their stories have won my heart.

It takes courage to walk up to a stranger (me) at a book signing, in a restaurant, or in a church, and whisper in my ear, “I’m a Stacie.” Many of them have never told anyone else. We have wept and prayed together and later, smiled through our tears.

I have watched as shame looses ground in their souls and their journey to healing gently begins.

As this transformation takes place, many ask for help. I share Healing Hearts International with them because I know God is working miracles in the hearts of women society helped to wound, and now refuses to acknowledge through this ministry.

Please visit the website today. Someone you know is hurting from the aftermath of abortion. The journey toward their healing is a click away.



 Hundreds of women have found hope in the novel, Rain Dance. On the June 27 & 28th it will be free for all Kindle owners. (otherwise it is 99 cents)

Rain DanceClick the picture to learn more about the book.


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