Get Inspired to Write Your Legacy! {and a free offer!)

Get Inspired to Write Your Legacy! {and a free offer!)


In writing my own legacy stories, I’m often inspired by the legacy’s written by others. Here are a few of my favorites with their links to Amazon. My Emily  Matt Patterson  From My Perspective by Joe Bonsall Mosaic – Pieces of My Life So Far by Amy Grant Thin Places by Mary DeMuth A […]

What Seems Unforgiveable

What Seems Unforgiveable

crying woman

This blog post is about the consequences of teenage sex and abortion – it is not intended for young readers.   The following is fiction based on fact. I took a little bit of this and a piece of that from real-life experiences people have shared with me and, wove them into a story. I know […]

Welcome To CrossReads Fall Into Reading Books! Where We Invite You To Fall Into Good, Wholesome Books – And Save Money! During the week of October 7th, readers can get books by several of their favorite CrossReads Christian authors who have joined together to offer their books at bargain prices. Monday through Friday (the 7th-11th), […]

Welcome back to Words of Worship. May God be glorified and may you be blessed! Faith Steps ~ by Joy Lenton   Each faltering step of faith I take draws me closer to Your heart revealing plans designed for me though I may only glimpse a part   Foretaste of the future and all that […]

Learn how you can buy these books NOW!   To Protect and Serve by Staci Stallings “I promise concern for others, and a willingness to help those in need,” Jeff Taylor said as he stood, hands clasped behind his back, shoulder-to-shoulder with 28 of Houston’s finest. His chest swelled with the words he had committed […]

Contemporary Romance Raspberries and Vinegar by Valerie Comer Josephine Shaw: complex, yet singleminded. A tiny woman with big ideas and, some would say, a mouth to match. But what does she really know about sustainable living as it relates to the real world? After all, she and her two friends are new to farming. […]

What is an infertile woman supposed to do with a woman who has chosen abortion more than once? Write a novel? You’ve got to be kidding! She wanted banana cream pie. She hated bananas. I looked at her and the truth splashed across my mind. In the car I asked her the normal “first” questions […]

Today is the end of almost two weeks of Poetry! This has been very popular and it’s my desire to share more poetry with all of you – at least once a month. Today’s featured poet is Cheryl Ricker, the author of the lovely book, A Friend in the Storm.  Take a deep breath and […]

This wasn’t the poem I was going to share – I thought I’d post one that was safer. I wrote this while writing the book, Poetry ~Touch the World With Your Art & Soul. It’s a little weird because it’s me talking to me. I tried to put that other poem out here. It’s a […]

Welcome to a new Poetry Week! Today’s featured poet is Lucinda Berry Hill. Be sure to check out her book and mine below. For now, enjoy this tender poem.  Putting on the Coffee When I put on a pot of coffee My heart it drips a tear; For all the times we spent together For […]

What a great week here on Books by Joy with our Poetry Week. Today’s featured poet is Merissa Lee Kelley. And. . .the week will be extended at least two days into next week. How cool is that!? Very. Please read this whole post – Merissa generously shares the reason for this post after the […]

Welcome back to Poetry Week here at Books by Joy & Others. Today’s featured poet is Kathy J. Snow. Wings of Faith Inscribed on wings of faith ~ gracefully I soar above the world and its strife, catching the wind of earnest and riding it to … defying the gravity of doubt and fear! Relying […]

A couple of months ago, I was enjoying a morning with Mom and she asked me if I had a copy of a specific picture. It was of her and me – when I was brand new. She was feeding me a bottle. “It’s my favorite picture of us,” she said smiling. “I have it […]

Starting Monday, August 19th we’ll be enjoying two weeks of poetry from various poets.    Plus. . .Poetry – Touch the World With Your Art & Soul (Kindle eBook) is FREE today and tomorrow! (August 16 & 17th, 2013)     Do you write poetry? Do you wish you did? Was there a time you […]

Not all the chapters I wrote ended up in Rain Dance. Practical editing played a big part in that, but there was  more. Some of it just hurt too much at the time. The first part of this chapter is real – it’s my dream about the little girl we hoped to adopt, but whose […]

After a terrible storm, I walked through our yard and picked up branches. Under a tall oak tree, I saw a tiny nest made from thin blades of grass. The fragile abode had been blown about by the strong winds but was still intact. It was lined with long, stiff horsehair from Holly across the […]

Here’s an excerpt for your from Under His Wings ~ Lessons Learned from God While Watching the Birds. I hope you enjoy the story! This is the arbor and house in the winter – it’s the only photograph I could find although I know I have others. One spring morning a wren fluttered around me […]

These two typewriters sit in my office reminding me of what was. My dad bought me two machines when I was a teen in what is now called Middle School; a sewing machine and a typewriter. One of my home economics assignments was to take apart a piece of clothing with my seam ripper and […]