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It Is Good

It Is Good
ISBN: 978-0979824654
Creation can be an overwhelming concept for young children, unless the ideas are tied to things they know. As readers follow Andrew, Ryan, and Amelia through seven springtime days, they will learn about the Creation Week in terms they can understand.

Book Overview

It Is Good takes children on a seven day adventure into Creation. They learn to connect what they see now, with what God did then.
What was becomes what is.
This adventure into Creation fuses the ancient true story into their lives and beliefs in a natural way. An added benefit: as  you design and walk  through your own Creation Week with the children in your life, awe for what God has done is renewed and you can say with Andrew, “It is good!”
A Review: Delightful. “I love how Joy used Monday for the first day, Tuesday for day two, etc. to make The Creation Account real to young readers. The illustrations are just wonderful, so colorful and engaging, pulling you in, showing you how to see the wonders of God’s creation all around you. A really COOL book was the verdict from my son.”

You can also purchase the paperback version of the book .

About Joy DeKok

Joy DeKok is a multipublished author. She not only enjoys sharing her writing, but also the writing of friends who write and authors whose writing she enjoys.