Your Life a Legacy

Your Life a Legacy
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ISBN: B006Y11T5E
Your Life a Legacy is a full of ideas, information, and infusion for people who want to turn their lives into written legacies.

Book Overview


Your life stories matter! Others can talk about you or even write about you, but not the same way you can. Your Life a Legacy is a “coach” for people who want to preserve their life stories as part of their permanent Legacy. Even if you save only one of your life experiences, you will leave something of tremendous value behind. Author Joy DeKok believes that every life has meaning, and that someone, at sometime needs what you have learned. Your Life a Legacy ~ Explore and Record the times of your life is a short book full of ideas, infusion, and practical instruction.

One reviewer writes, “This book is a goldmine!”

About Joy DeKok

Joy DeKok is a multipublished author. She not only enjoys sharing her writing, but also the writing of friends who write and authors whose writing she enjoys.