Words of Worship: For Such a Time as This by Merissa Lee Kelly

Words of Worship: For Such a Time as This by Merissa Lee Kelly


For Such a Time as This ~ Merissa Lee Kelly

Jesus Christ seized the day, for his mission burned within
He’d have to give his very life to break the yoke of sin
And he has called us by his name to carry out the quest
For time is growing way too short to stop and take a rest

The Great Commission wasn’t given to a selected, chosen few
To stay within some structured walls and remain on padded pews
Salvation’s flame must burn the walls that keep us all apart
The change we need is not cosmetic…it’s the changing of the heart

And just like Esther, the chosen Queen, we must make a choice
To take a stand against the odds and listen to God’s voice
For He is calling out to us to go and share His love
For such a time as this will bring…anointing from above

To those who seek to know God’s purpose…He’ll open up the door
He’ll burn His passion in their hearts, with a hungering for more
More than just a passive walk…more than just a spark
For such a time as this will need…an inferno in the dark

We cannot be a silent voice in the midst of dying souls
The cross cannot be just some wood devoid of any goal
The cause of Christ cannot be quenched by opposition’s trap
For such a time as this can bridge…the overwhelming gap

To defend her people, Esther placed her life on shaky ground
But truth prevailed and the chance she took turned the plot around
Strategic placement is God’s design to bring the harvest in
But are we willing to pay the price it takes to conquer sin?

The question is to all of us…do we really understand?
The vision and the voice of Christ that calls to every man
Salvation for a world that’s lost has always been His heart
The time is NOW to take a stand and unite to do our part

Merissa Lee Kelley
October 30, 2005

“…and who knows, you may have come into the kingdom
for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

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