Olivia Morgan

October 5, 2012

In the last three days, this book is starting to be far more real – I guess over 10,000 new words will do that. So, I decided to start sharing Olivia with you here, a little at a time. Not the book, but my journey to get her onto the pages. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered:

  • She is not who I thought she was which I find delightful.
  • She is sassy, snarky, scared, scarred, smart, and in the way of fiction women, we love to love, she is splendid. Not because she is my creation, because although I get to write her, like I said before, she is not who I thought she would be.
  • Book 1, which was almost finished when I wrote the wrong book, is either book 2 or 3, and needs to be completely rewritten.

I’ll be back with an update soon.

Until next time,