About Joy

Even before I could read, words on the pages of my story books fascinated me. I enjoyed the pictures, but I loved the words. I was reading on my own by age four and tracing the words, dreaming about the day I’d write my own books. Today, I get most of my news online, but as a child, a newspaper was a treasure chest of letters! I’d sit and read the ones I knew feeling very grown-up. INSERT PHOTO

I was an average student who saw school as the best social club ever. I didn’t want to know about historical events (although I enjoy that part too), I wanted to know about the people – what they were thinking, dreamed of, and how they handled both joy and sorrow. The comments more often offered on my report cards were: “doesn’t work up to her potential,” “talks too much,” and “is often caught day-dreaming.” Teachers remembered me writing stories and poems instead of doing my assignments. I tried – hard, but often failed to reign in the creative side of me.

There wasn’t a way to explain the fascination words held (and hold) for me.

Today, after writing thousands of my own words and reading thousands of books written by others, this intense interest has not diminshed. Instead, it is central to my purpose.

On this website, you can learn about me, my writing life, the books I write, those I read, and a few of my favorite authors. I’ve been encouraged to keep my writing a ministry, but sense God urging me ahead to market my books and get them into the hands of readers all over the world. I guess I’m a “for-profit” author. So is this another “selling site?” Yes, but you already knew that.  This is also a very personal page where you’ll read the poetry I write, learn about my oh so good days, and my oh so not good days as a writer, woman, and Jesus believer. I’ll share my old dreams, broken dreams, shattered dreams, and a few new dreams God is birthing in me.

I will also share with you the reader resources I find on the Internet and places you can connect with other authors. You can read about and purchase my friend’s books here as well. I love sharing them with you too.

You’re invited to leave comments, ask questions, and reccommend books to me via the blog comments. I look forward to sharing the journey and hearing from you.

Welcome to the dream,

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