Get Inspired to Write Your Legacy! {and a free offer!)

Get Inspired to Write Your Legacy! {and a free offer!)


In writing my own legacy stories, I’m often inspired by the legacy’s written by others. Here are a few of my favorites with their links to Amazon. My Emily  Matt Patterson  From My Perspective by Joe Bonsall Mosaic – Pieces of My Life So Far by Amy Grant Thin Places by Mary DeMuth A […]

I’m so excited about this addition to Books by Joy & Others! Writing first lines is often hard work. You’re invited to take a look at these. If you like what you read, click on the book covers. Fiction First Lines. . . From author Barbara Ellen Brink author of The Fredrickson Winery Series. . […]

Today is the end of almost two weeks of Poetry! This has been very popular and it’s my desire to share more poetry with all of you – at least once a month. Today’s featured poet is Cheryl Ricker, the author of the lovely book, A Friend in the Storm.  Take a deep breath and […]

Welcome to a new Poetry Week! Today’s featured poet is Lucinda Berry Hill. Be sure to check out her book and mine below. For now, enjoy this tender poem.  Putting on the Coffee When I put on a pot of coffee My heart it drips a tear; For all the times we spent together For […]

What a great week here on Books by Joy with our Poetry Week. Today’s featured poet is Merissa Lee Kelley. And. . .the week will be extended at least two days into next week. How cool is that!? Very. Please read this whole post – Merissa generously shares the reason for this post after the […]

Welcome back to Poetry Week here at Books by Joy & Others. Today’s featured poet is Kathy J. Snow. Wings of Faith Inscribed on wings of faith ~ gracefully I soar above the world and its strife, catching the wind of earnest and riding it to … defying the gravity of doubt and fear! Relying […]

On day 3 of Poetry Week, Amy DeKok (dear friend and sister-in-law) is our featured poet. . . From Amy: Two years ago a friend and I spent an afternoon figuring out a pattern for crocheting a small owl. I had NO way of knowing that it would become something I LOVE to do..and have […]