Words of Worship – Heaven by Joy Lenton

Words of Worship – Heaven by Joy Lenton

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Heaven ©JoyLenton2013   A far off country as close as our next breath seated now in heavenly places known completely after death.   Glimpsed in a loved one’s eyes and the cries of a newborn’s birth way beyond moon, stars or skies close and familiar as earth.   Sometimes it’s hard to believe we will […]

Words of Worship: For Such a Time as This by Merissa Lee Kelly

Words of Worship: For Such a Time as This by Merissa Lee Kelly


For Such a Time as This ~ Merissa Lee Kelly Jesus Christ seized the day, for his mission burned within He’d have to give his very life to break the yoke of sin And he has called us by his name to carry out the quest For time is growing way too short to stop […]

Welcome back to Words of Worship. May God be glorified and may you be blessed! Faith Steps ~ by Joy Lenton   Each faltering step of faith I take draws me closer to Your heart revealing plans designed for me though I may only glimpse a part   Foretaste of the future and all that […]

Welcome to Words of Worship. As often as possible on Sundays, I will share poetry by my friends and sometimes by me. We offer them in worship to God and in friendship to you. Without His Love ~ by Lucinda Berry Hill  Without His love Where would I be; Without the love He gives to […]

Today is the end of almost two weeks of Poetry! This has been very popular and it’s my desire to share more poetry with all of you – at least once a month. Today’s featured poet is Cheryl Ricker, the author of the lovely book, A Friend in the Storm.  Take a deep breath and […]

Today’s featured poet is from the heart of my friend Jeanne. Over the years she has blessed me. She does it yet again today in this poem. . .  (Photo owned by Jeanne Doyon) Come Walk With Me ~ by Jeanne Doyon Walk with me Through shady paths Flower strewn gardens Climbing the gentle verdant […]

What a great week here on Books by Joy with our Poetry Week. Today’s featured poet is Merissa Lee Kelley. And. . .the week will be extended at least two days into next week. How cool is that!? Very. Please read this whole post – Merissa generously shares the reason for this post after the […]

Today’s featured poet is Priscilla Kramer. We’ve known each other a long time – we met when I was 15 and  in 10th grade and she was quite a bit younger. We went to the same church and Christian school. That was 40 years ago. One thing I always think of when she crosses my […]

Welcome back to Poetry Week here at Books by Joy & Others. Today’s featured poet is Kathy J. Snow. Wings of Faith Inscribed on wings of faith ~ gracefully I soar above the world and its strife, catching the wind of earnest and riding it to … defying the gravity of doubt and fear! Relying […]

On day 3 of Poetry Week, Amy DeKok (dear friend and sister-in-law) is our featured poet. . . From Amy: Two years ago a friend and I spent an afternoon figuring out a pattern for crocheting a small owl. I had NO way of knowing that it would become something I LOVE to do..and have […]

Today’s featured poet is Carol Owens. Please visit the Owen’s website and get to know their books and music. The link is at the end of this post. Wannabe’s Mirage  The Saharan heat writhes upward in transparent, shifting curtains —like scrim— half-revealing willows, rain-wet streets, fountains, women with umbrellas; see? just over there? You flail […]

A couple of months ago, I was enjoying a morning with Mom and she asked me if I had a copy of a specific picture. It was of her and me – when I was brand new. She was feeding me a bottle. “It’s my favorite picture of us,” she said smiling. “I have it […]